Alaa Fouad.. is a talented singer and composer

December 22, 2021

Alaa Fouad

Alaa Fouad is an Egyptian singer and talented composer who entered the industry 17 years ago. He participated in season two of The Voice in 2013. He has also performed many songs with the artist Mohamed Sobhi during the program “A3eza2e Al Moshahedeen, Ma Fesh Moskhela Khales,” achieving much popularity and fame. 

He has also presented several concerts that aim to support the tourism industry alongside Assi El Hellani in the city of Sharm El Sheikh. That’s not all. The artist has also sung at concerts at the Egyptian Opera House and performed the song “Mefesh Marra,” a song written by the great Saudi poet Mohammed Al Amoudi. Some of his other works include “Medley Hekayat Hob” and “Raje3elna Ramadan.” The latter achieved millions of views on social media. 

In 2021, the artist sang at the opening of the Arab Athletics Championships in the presence of Arab ministers and ambassadors.

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Alaa Fouad