Dalal Chraibi.. is a Moroccan actress who has proven her talent time and again

May 18, 2021

Dalal Chraibi

Dalal Chraibi is a Moroccan actress and media personality whose talent for acting was immediately recognized through her participation in several theatrical and television works. The actress has taken part in several artistic works including the plays “Hathyan,” "Talaya Al-Layl" and "Sarah W El Ghorab El Jaahil.” She has also taken part in a number of series including Season 2 of “Banat El Malakema,” in which she played the role of Sabah, and the Saudi comedy series “Hyperloop,” which aired during Ramadan 2019.

Throughout her career, Chraibi has also presented the program "Trending" on MBC Iraq and has won several awards from the Emirates Children's Theater Festival.

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Dalal Chraibi