DANIA.. is a Moroccan artist who draws inspiration from trap soul & RnB

  • Artist
  • Musician
  • Singer
  • underground
  • Morocco

April 26, 2021


DANIA is a Moroccan artist who is inspired by trap soul and RnB. She really got into this genre of music in 2018. That was when she decided to make a career out of it. She began creating melodies and songs with lyrics that really shed light on the reality of things around her. The artist sees music as a “bridge” between herself and people. She has since gained experience in the field, working on many projects with several talented producers. She has written many songs including “Rosy,” an RnB song about a girl who gets lost in the harsh world and works hard to achieve her goals. Another one of her songs is “Lonely,” which is a mix between afrobeats and RNB. 

She also released the song “Not Cool” in collaboration with DJ Van, one of the best producers in the MENA region. Dania’s songs are not limited to one vibe or genre; she is keen to surprise fans with every release.

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