Times when Hadeel Lateef touched on politics with satire

September 8, 2021

Hadeel Lateef

Multi-talented actress and media personality Hadeel Lateef is the first Iraqi woman to take on satirical comedy as a form of art. She has touched on many political discussions with her work, so we’ve compiled a few of the most prominent ones:

The faithful president

During her show “Ma3qoola,” Lateef talked about former US President Richard Nixon with a dash of satire.

Factors of political mistrust

Here, Lateef talked about the different factors that lead to political mistrust.

Political trust

Through this video, she explained the true definition of political trust. She also talked about “corruption” and what happens when leaders meet.


Lateef impersonated a “corrupt employee” who violates laws and regulations. She highlighted the dangers of this through the below video.

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Hadeel Lateef

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Hadeel Lateef.. is the first Iraqi woman to take on satirical comedy

Hadeel Lateef is a multi-talented Iraqi actress, media personality, and screenwriter who is considered to be the first Iraqi woman to take on satirical...