Nazely Kassabian

November 24, 2022

Nazely Kassabian is an Armenian-Lebanese artist who kickstarted her career as a TV presenter before entering the acting industry. As a TV presenter, Kassabian has a keen interest in social talk shows/programs as well as morning talk shows. As for acting, she has worked her way up over the years through several workshops with Antoine Kassabian, Tony Sasi, Mounir Maasri and Gabriel Yammine. Very passionate about acting, Kassabian believes that the camera is where she can express her emotions freely and play different characters. She has worked alongside several actors from both Lebanon and Bahrain including Carine Rizkallah, Ammar Challak, Carole Hajj, Merry Ghazzak, Mohammad Attiah, Nour El Sheikh and Khaled El Sheikh. Over the course of her career, she has participated in several series such as “3a Esmak,” “Dof’at Beirut,” “Bakkeer,” “Kezba Kbeere” and “Dyoof Sharaf.”