Wael Jassar

November 18, 2022

Wael Jassar is a Lebanese artist who in his early days was referred to as “a miracle child” after taking audiences by storm with his performance and charming voice. His real breakthrough in the industry came following the release of his 1996 album “Mashi.” He has since released several successful albums such as “Msheet Khalas,” “Tewadny Leih,” “Senin Odam,” and “3omry W Zekrayat.”

He has also released many songs and music videos such as “Ghariba El Nas,” “El Hekaya,” “Fe Khatwetik Seketi,” “Aatazreene,” and “Shaklo Beyhazar.” 

Throughout the course of his career, Jassar has won several awards including the Murex D’or for “Best Arabic Song” for “Ghariba El Nas” in 2010. He also won an award for “Best Album” during the Alexandria festival and the Middle East music award for “Best Arab Singer” in 2011. 

Some of his other tracks including “Law Tkhasmny,” “Ana Mesh Mesadaa,” and “Wala Fe Ahlam.