Dory Al Samarany.. is a well-known name in the Lebanese drama scene

April 27, 2021

Dory Al Samarany is a well-known Lebanese actor. His artistic talent and passion for the field pushed him to venture out into this world years ago. The actor began his artistic career in 2008 through his role in the series “3asr El Harem.” At the time, acting was not his profession; his specialty was electrical engineering. However, he has since proven his place in the acting industry.

Al Samarany has acted in a number of works across television, cinema, and theater. These include “Ruby,” “Yalla 3a2belkon Shabab,” “Akhr Nafas,” “Karma,” “Bl Qalb,” “3ahd Al Dam,” “Dantelle,” “Diva” and “KhKhaybat Amal.” The actor also took part in the video clip for “Cello” alongside Aline Lahoud.

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