Hiam Salibi

Hiam Salibi

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Hiam Salibi is a strong-willed creative producer and Head of Production at Pix44, a newly launched film production house. At the start of her career, Salibi embarked on her journey in Events Management for over 12 years until she discovered her passion for film production. The idea of bringing stories to life inspired her to change the course of her career.

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Hiam Salibi
Hiam Salibi produces new song

A new song titled “Sukkar” was recently released by Dyler and Molham under the production of Hiam Salibi, a strong-willed creative producer. The song...

Hiam Salibi
Hiam Salibi recently produced a song

Lebanese creative producer Hiam Salibi recently produced the song "Al Janna Fe El Emirate,” written and sung by Hakim. The track was release...

Hiam Salibi
Hiam Salibi announces the release of her...

Creative producer Hiam Salibi recently announced the launch of the series “No Activity” on OSN. The series is her first TV series production...

Hiam Salibi
Hiam Salibi shares her first TV series p...

Hiam Salibi recently announced her first locally produced series titled “Al Wade3 Mostakir.”“So happy to share my first tv series production...

Hiam Salibi
Hiam Salibi.. is a creative pr...

Hiam Salibi is a strong-willed creative producer and Head of Productio...